Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Wave Pictures.

More pics of the Waves around Barbados March 2008. The top Picture is Paynes Bay while the other 2 were taken just north at Sandy Lane Beach. unless we have been having storms in the area, these 2 stretchs of sea along these beachs are normally basically flat water.

Waves from Sea Swell Hit Barbados

Just thought you would like to see some of the Surf that happened around Barbados on Easter Weekend 2008. While it might not look like much to many people, trust me, around here, it's a pretty big story. The top picture is at the Soup Bowl in Bathsheba on the east coast. Known world wide as a great surfing spot, you couldn't/wouldn't surf there on Thursday March 20th, and possibly not for a few days after.. just too much rough water. The second picture was taken at Mullins Beach on the west coast about 1/2 hour later (both taken after 3pm. I was told the waves were much bigger earlier in the morning) most days of the year Mullins is flat flat falt.. but not this day. These waves even managed to cause damage to the newly rebuild Beach Bar at Mullins.