Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cruise News - Sailing from Barbados

Tired of sailing out of the traditional ports of call.. Miami, Tampa, LA etc.. Why not take a sailing from Barbados.. yes.. Thats right.. the caribbean island of Barbados. You can fly in on a Sunday.. Spend a few days seeing the island.. then you can pick up.. Carnival Destiny.. and sail from Barbados to Aruba, San Juan, St. Thomas, Dominica and back in to Barbados. (you've got 2 Fun Days at Sea on this itinerary.. one between Barbados and Aruba and one between Aruba and San Juan. Then you can either spend a few more days in Barbados.. siteseeing of course and then fly home.. or fly back the same Wednesday the ship pulls back into port.

It's a great cruise and you get to see more of Barbados than you would (and I recommend that).

Not many cabins sailing from Barbados so if you are interested let me know. It's great.


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