Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Paynes Bay Beach and TuckAway Ice Cream , Barbados

I'm usually on the Rockley/Accra Beach bandwagon, but I've been back to what used to be my favorite beach in Barbados and it's really great these days.

Over the last few years, the beach at Paynes Bay (at the Coach House entrance... any cab driver can take you there) has come back. It's great. the sand is back making it wide and nice. the water over the last 2 days has been very calm and really feels good (your not fighting the current or waves). Beware that there isn't much shade, but if your willing to spend the money, there is a beach vendor with chairs and umbrellas. Also, the Coach House Restaurant has a beach service that serves food and drinks. and there is a shower at the top of the walk by the road (hidden on the beach side of the gate).

We visited Tuckaway Ice Cream shop just south of Paynes Bay. it's on the other side of the road from the beach. The ice cream is fabulous.. All home made on site and natural.. The kids had chocolate, I had coffee ice cream and my hubby had soursop (which is not for every one). The had lots of other flavors.. almond, peppermint, sundae, rum and raisin. and more.. You can get milk shakes, sundaes etc. It's open every day 9a-9p even Sundays and holidays when it's open from 4p-9p



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