Sunday, June 18, 2006

Highland Adventure Centre - Barbados

Went to Highland Adventure Centre (in the northern part of St. Thomas Parish) yesterday (June 17th 06) as a part of my children's school (St. Gabriel's School) family fun day activities. It was really great. I haven't been there in a number of years and had a very enjoyable time. They have hiking and biking and horseback riding as well as a snack bar and facilities.

As part of the fun day the shool had a jumpy tent placed on the grounds and had the children bring their footballs and cricket bats as well. At around 4:15pm the Highland Staff seperated those that wanted to participate into 2 groups and led everyone on 2 different hikes. The first was labled as a 20min hike for the younger kids and the 2nd as a 1 hour and 45 min hike for those heartier souls.

I choose to go on the 20min hike with my 2 daughters and 2 of their friends (who I was looking after for the afternoon). We walked along a narrow path through open fields (used by cattle and horses mostly.. how did we know this.. well all you had to do was look down) . We mostly walked single file for the first little while, then the path widened a bit in spots and those that wanted to go ahead could do so. It was a gently sloping hike through that gave us some really great views of Barbados. In the end the time was 40min in total. Some walked faster than others, but a good hike was had by all.

My husbands brother took his family (older children) on the harder hike and they all had a great time. they hiked up to Mount Hilliby, which is the highest point in Barbados, and back to the centre. With the exception of a few scraps and bumps, they all had a great time. Even the Headmistress of the school (who is an avid hiker) went along on this one and really enjoyed herself.

What a great day. the views are spectacular and if you are there in the evening, take a light sweater at the breezes do blow on the cool side.

I highly recommend this spot on your next visit to Barbados.


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